Gazi University Institute of Informatics was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 2006/10494 published in the Official Gazette dated June 21, 2006, in line with the decision taken by the Gazi University Informatics Commission on September 9, 2005, in order to carry out graduate studies by encouraging research and education in all application areas of information technologies.

Our Institute, which was approved by YÖK Distance Education Commission on March 29, 2006, has undertaken the mission of establishing the distance education infrastructure of Gazi University based on information technologies.

First of all, the Department of Information Systems and the Department of Health Informatics were established within the Institute in 2006, and the graduate education programs of Electronic Computer Education and Computer Education Departments affiliated to the Institute of Science and Technology of our University were also included under the umbrella of the Institute in the same year. With the establishment of Management Information Systems and Computer Science Departments in 2007, the number of Departments affiliated to the Institute increased to six.

In the 2006-2007 academic year, two associate degree programs opened under Atatürk Vocational High School were started to be carried out within the Institute of Informatics, with the approval of YÖK for the delivery of two associate degree programs with distance education. These programs, which were later transferred to the Vocational School of Technical Sciences, made Gazi University one of the first universities in Turkey to start distance education supported by information technologies.

In line with the mission of the Institute of Informatics, Information Systems in 2009, Health Informatics and Management Information Systems in 2010, and Computer Sciences Distance Education Non-Thesis Master's programs were opened in 2012. In addition, the Forensic Informatics Department was established in 2013 to conduct studies in the field of Forensic Informatics, which gained importance with the widespread use of information technologies in daily life. In the same year, with the addition of the Forensic Informatics Distance Education Non-Thesis Master's Program, it was ensured that all active Departments in the Institute also had a Distance Education program.

As of today, there are five Departments within the Institute of Informatics, where many faculty members from different disciplines teach and provide postgraduate thesis advisory. With four Doctorate programs and four Master's programs with thesis carried out in these Departments, it has achieved the potential to train qualified academicians specialized in the field of informatics needed in our country in a short time. In addition to the thesis programs, formal and distance non-thesis master's programs also attract a lot of attention.

The Institute of Informatics continues its education and research activities with over 1400 students enrolled in graduate programs and Departments with up-to-date content designed according to the needs of today's IT industry.

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