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Management Information Systems is a science of people, technology and organization. It covers topics that connect the managerial perspectives of the technical and business functions of information systems.

Information that does not serve a purpose is useless. Management Information Systems demonstrates how information can be used to improve business operations.

Management Information Systems is the only specialty that focuses on both business processes and information and communication technologies. The skills acquired in this field include developing creative solutions that help explain technological developments in business functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, establishing and managing teams to develop these solutions, and understanding business needs from a technological perspective, and expertise in business applications that is in demand.

Business analyst, business development specialist, business intelligence analyst, database manager, database analyst, information systems manager, information technology consultant, information technology development project manager, network manager, system analyst, system developer, technical they can work in positions such as support specialist, web developer with extremely attractive opportunities.

The following table outlines some of the differences between Management Information Systems and Computer Science:

It is considered very appropriate for the candidates with the following qualifications to study in the Department of Management Information Systems:

  • Problem solving oriented; Prone to teamwork;
  • Able to think strategically on technological issues;
  • Likes to take responsibility;
  • Able to connect business functions with technology;
  • Able to see both the big picture and the details at the same time;
  • High communication skills;
  • Able to manage time and resources well.

The reasons for a career in Management Information Systems can be listed as follows:

  • High employment rate: Graduates of Management Information Systems have found employment opportunities at a very high rate recently.
  • High wages: Graduates who are discovered to be good in their field work for highly competitive wages in the market.
  • Job satisfaction: Management Information Systems professionals make significant contributions to the competitive and positive atmosphere of their work environments; they also establish good relations with employees and managers at all business levels.
  • Entertainment: Management information systems specialists, who are intelligent and dynamic people who can connect people with machines, can communicate well in teamwork.
  • Challenge: The rapid and continuous development in information systems gives Management Information Systems professionals the opportunity to continuously improve themselves.

Students who graduate from Management Information Systems graduate as brand new members of a productive workforce equipped with high analytical, conceptual and applied skills. They grasp the rapidly evolving hardware and software developments and acquire managerial skills to develop strategic information systems (customer and supplier management system, enterprise resource planning) and other web-based / non-web-based solutions.

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