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Purpose of Forensic Informatics Education Program,
It will be to train qualified personnel in this field, where there is still a significant need for specialists/experts, and also to pave the way for young academics who aim to pursue their academic careers in an interdisciplinary branch of science that can be considered very new in our country.

Scope of the Program
forensic informatics; The crimes committed by criminals using computer and information technologies, analyzing the crime scene starting from the period when the criminal was suspected, collecting data by making the necessary actions, examining these data, making the necessary associations about the crime, if any, presenting the results to the judicial authorities as a result of a regular reporting, and information technologies. It covers a broad perspective from ensuring security.

Reason for Opening the Program
Parallel to the development of the virtual world, Forensic Informatics is also developing at the same rate. As addiction to the cyber world, which has become a part of today's social life, increases, this situation has attracted the attention of crime centers and information systems have begun to be used as a crime tool.
Cybercrime, as a new type of crime, is becoming more and more dangerous day by day and their number is increasing. This inevitably leads to the need for IT Crimes Expert and Forensic Informatics Expert. From a legal point of view, it is necessary that the IT Crimes Expert and Forensic Informatics Expert are competent, in other words, educated and researcher individuals who have scientific knowledge at a level to be an expert in this field should be trained.

In order to be considered competent in this field; Individuals who can have advanced knowledge on subjects such as Information Systems, Law and Criminalistics should be trained in a multidisciplinary manner. In addition, in order for Information Systems specialists to work as Computer Crimes or Forensic Specialists, they must know deeply how crimes are committed in the digital world, how to collect digital evidence encountered, how to process digital evidence without damaging and originality, and to report the evidence findings to the forensic authorities. They need to know how to present it in an understandable way. Therefore, IT Crimes Expert and Forensic Informatics Expertise are required.

After the Forensic Informatics Education program, students;

To carry out scientific research, application and training studies on legal problems and issues that arise in the field of informatics,
creating a database, performing documentation and archiving activities,
To operate theoretically and practically on forensic applications,
to operate together with private and public institutions in informatics and law-related matters, to assist relevant institutions, etc. finds the opportunity to gain features.

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