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The aim of the computer science education program is to train successful computer experts in their own profession in leadership or supporting positions by putting their technical knowledge in computer science into practice with the opportunity to practice and to gain the ability to learn to use their skills in software and system development in these positions. In addition, they gain effective and efficient teamwork, social and ethical responsibilities for effective communication and professional expertise within the framework of this program. Another aim of the program is to provide lifelong learning skills related to the specialization education that he/she has completed.

The most important role of computer science is to solve problems necessary for life. Students work on the development of software, hardware and design to solve various problems in a scientific and social context. Because computers solve problems to serve people, which shows that computer science has an important human aspect.

The 10 most important reasons for the preference of computer sciences, determined by the computer systems association, which is the international cooperation organization for computer sciences, are as follows;

  • Calculation is part of everything you do,
  • Computer expertise enables solving a variety of complex and challenging problems,
  • Computers make it possible to make a positive difference in the world,
  • Computer science offers a wide range of possibilities for a brilliant career,
  • Computers make it possible to do your work wherever you are, regardless of physical space,
  • Even if your core business is different, computer expertise helps you in every field,
  • Computers offer many possibilities for true creativity and innovation.
  • Computers create many opportunities for both your individual and collective work,
  • Computer systems are an essential part of a well-rounded academic preparation,
  • Computer systems offer unlimited possibilities to seize future opportunities.

After the Computer Science Education program, students;

  • Having the opportunity to become good computer scientists for a professional career,
  • Seeing that it is possible to apply computer science principles to real-world problems
  • Acquire the skills to work effectively within an organization,
  • To have the ability to understand the ethical, professional and social problems and responsibilities related to the practice of their profession,
  • Engaging in continuous learning and self-improvement, etc. finds the opportunity to gain features.
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