AI in Medical Image Understanding
25 July 2022 | 15:30

AI in Medical Image Understanding-1.


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In the AI in Medical Image Understanding Training, which will be held on 6-7 August 2022 in cooperation with TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM and Sabancı University Data Analytics Application and Research Center (VERİM), training and applications will be provided on the following subjects:

  • An Introduction to Medical Image Understanding with Deep Learning.
  • Different Imaging Methods in Radiology.
  • Computational Model Design in Medical Image Analysis.
  • Automatic Measurement of Proximal Femur Distortions on Medical Images.
  • Data Augmentation with GAN in Medical Images. (code demonstration)
  • Covid-19 Infection Detection in CT Images. (code display)
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging.
  • Applications of AI in histopathology: challenges and reality.
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Medical Imaging?
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